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SARH - U and I

3rd EP on SARH -- U and I
Dj Pone (Ed Banger Records) x José R. Fontao (Stuck in the Sound)

Weekend Milliardaire (La simplicité même) - NHYX

Neptune Safari - Night Trip [EP]

Yunizon Records:

| Night Trip EP |

« When I produce, I am a child in his garden shack, it feels like I'm in control of a spaceship going through space. »

One sentence to summarise his music. A music to summarise a journey. A sound to create a universe. And this EP to act as a logbook written in the calm and terrifying embrace of the cosmos. That is how we can qualify the way Dorian adopts his music or lets himself be adopted. An authentic musician far distanced from mainstream medias to find his own voice, his own touch, and always willing to surpass his own accomplishments. If we had to summarise his music, we would “only” have to say that it takes us by the gut and soothe our mind until we are somewhere else, perhaps in outer space.

After multiple releases, Netpune went into exile with his music for a while to get the best out of it. Today, he comes back and presents an all-new opus that will surely take your breath away.

This logbook is divided in three portions like stars of a constellation he followed to come back home. The journey was not made alone since he was accompanied by the lovely voice of the English singer Clara La San. Some will be blown away and others will travel with Neptune, but the EP guarantees an unearthly experience.

© 2014 Yunizon Records

SARH - Sailing with lost Souls

SARH -- Sailing With Lost Souls
Dj Pone (Birdy Nam Nam) x José R. Fontao (Stuck in the Sound)
1st episode of the trilogy directed by Ugo Mangin for Standard.

Preoder the album : //

LIVE Théatre des Bouffes du Nord, june 2nd :

Boston Bun - We Got Soul feat. Bear Who? (Annie Mac radio rip) #EdBangerRecords

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